I have to admit that I enjoy eating bread a lot, who doesn't? In Sweden there are many types and options everywhere. I wanted to be a little bit more ‘professional’ in making bread, not just the basic thing. I like learning new things through books. Perhaps it is more convenient starting looking blogs, You Tube’s as a first approach. But using a good book showed to me that is the best option.

My point is, when you are following a book, you get the way and method the author is guiding you. This means that after a short while, it becomes just faster and easier to predict the next steps. I also like when there is structure, being an engineer maybe molded me to be a systematic person. I know where I am and where I am expected to land.

I thought it would be easier getting recipes from Europe instead of US. The reason is because of the imperial units’ usage in North America. European countries, like most other countries in the world utilizes metric system.

After these thoughts, I realized it would be simpler getting a Swedish book, besides I don’t domain the language. In fact, I can read and understand reasonable Swedish, I just avoid speaking at all. I found a book called “Bröd, bröd, bröd” from Martin Johansson. This book is part of the Bonnier Fakta, this company has produced successful books about cooking in Sweden. Another thing I like about Swedish recipes is precision! They are meticulous about units and weight, following recipes from Sweden is very likely to achieve the expected results if you use a precision scale as I do.

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